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Have you thought about that old brick chimney on your house and how the bricks are falling apart and looking very old and worn? Or maybe the brick mailbox that was built with your house and how over the years it is becoming more of an eyesore in your front yard rather than helping your house with its curb appeal? If you have never done brick repairs before then the task that you are looking at can seem daunting and very time consuming. Don’t spend days researching how to restore or refinish your brick’s surface because that is your time, and your time is valuable. There are some things in life that saving money doing it yourself might not be worth the time and money in the end, and masonry repairs are certainly one of them. We believe that masonry is an art, and we treat it as such which means that we take pride and stand by all of our work. At Mr. Mason we will do all of the hard work for you, and complete the task much quicker with less headache than if you were to try and tackle it on your own. We have years of experience in all masonry repairs and can give you the best looking result for your money because we take pride in all of the work that we do! We are also a fully licensed and insured company and we have the latest in up to date equipment so that we can get the job done right the first time. Call us today for a quote!


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